The Beyond Words buzz

2016 got off to a flying start for us with a feature spot at Beyond Words, the poetry night hosted by Angela Brodie and Caroline Vero at the Gipsy Hill Tavern. Held on the first Tuesday of every month, it’s a welcoming and uplifting evening, with candles on the tables and a raffle at the end with a prize of a bundle of poetry books.

In the first half, Donald Chegwin performed a set of surreal and hilarious poems – once you’ve heard his poem Kingdom, you’ll never look at a king prawn in the same way again. Ted Smith-Orr followed, reading a  selection of poems both funny and occasionally poignant, his subject matter ranging from football heroes to kerbside skips. Poetry is found everywhere!

And then it was our turn in the second half, after another strong group of open mic poets. The fifteen minutes allotted to us seemed to fly past as we read poems uncovering London women from the past, and explored themes such as the struggle for the right to vote, daring to travel independently and asserting control over their own bodies.

There was a lovely warm vibe in the room and our poems were well received. We can’t wait now to unleash more of our London Undercurrents voices at Loose Muse this Wednesday 13th January from 8 pm at the Poetry Café. Hope you can join us – as Loose Muse’s host Agnes Meadows says, come, share the passion, share the joy!

Beyond Words, Gipsy Hill Tavern, 5 January 2016

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